SEO Calculator

What Is the SEO calculator?

It’s hard for many clients to understand the true value of SEO.  The only thing clients really want to know is will they make more money from SEO than what they will spend on SEO. That’s what it really comes down to. And what better way to show your potential clients how much your SEO services can make them, then with a SEO Services Value Calculator.

How to use the SEO calculator?

In this example, if your customer’s website traffic hits 1,000 visitors per month and they are able to convert 5% of those visitors, that will give them 50 new leads per month. If they can convert just 30% of those new leads into customers that will give them 15 new customers per month. If each new customer is worth £500 to them, that is £7500 in client value they will gain every month.

But let’s say the customers worth is only £100, that’s still £1500 in client value per month. If their traffic is at 2,000 visitors per month, the revenue increases to £3,000. Nice!

calculator to work out the cost of seo services